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Chromecast is a line of digital media players developed by Google. The devices, designed as small dongles, enable users with a mobile device or personal computer to play Internet-streamed audio-visual content on a high-definition television or home audio system through mobile and web apps that support the Google Cast technology. Alternatively, content can be mirrored from the Google Chrome web browser.

James Lockheart angrily mentioned, "I get unlimited internet through my cell phone because I live outside of the city in a small town that doesn't have internet service. So I ordered this with the belief that I could mirror my phone to my TV by getting Chromecast which would be awesome because I could stream Netflix and Amazon straight to my TV... or so I thought. Turns out you cannot stream directly to a TV with Chromecast UNLESS you have internet AND a wi-fi router. This information came directly from Google Chromecast tech support. Why the hell Google would set this up like that I have no idea. Had I known this, I would never have wasted $35 on this device. So please be aware of these facts BEFORE you decide to invest your money in this thing."


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pussycat says

"This pile of junk does not work on chromebooks !!! what a joke. A google product which will not work on their headline system. Absolute garbage and a major time waster trying to get ths junk to work. Lots of jargon on the helpline. do not touch this unless you are a network designer and expert technician ,or can afford the £200 per hour to hire one to make this rubbish work. "

Honest Abe says

"I am using an android phone to try and cast to an android TV, and it never freaking works. It worked for maybe a couple of weeks after I 1st got the TV and hasn\'t worked for months since then. This is android to android, in other words Google to Google. How can this not work? "

Steven Brown says

"Absolute garbage so infuriating trying to watch something on Netflix and connection drops every god dam time feel like smashing it too pieces waste of 35 pound"

Brian Skotty says

"This is a terrible service and you can't trust them with your personal information. This trash heap of a company needs to be dissolved by much better companies and services."

Ed Carne says

"Chromecast wouldn't link to my ROKU box as advertised. Google refused to refund it saying it was 'not our policy'. They suggested I approach the software developer which is wrong as the money had been paid to Google so they are liable under UK law. Clearly they feel they do not have to operate within the law."

Jn says

"Sounds quality is awful, sound is often out of sync, sometimes no sound at all. Controlling the cast using your phone is very unreliable. Google then refuse to provide a returns address and deliberately obstruct any attempt you make to return their rubbish product."

Danny says

"Have nothing but problems with Google Chromecast it's rubbish tried there chat service and that's a joke overall don't buy Google hard ware it's no good"

Louise Kjøller says

"Now i got my answere. Warenty expired this Month. Buy a new one. One might wonder if IT is a coincidence that IT broke just after the warenty expired. Or IT is made for to years use. Anyways i Will Think about using a nother system in the furture after this"

richard lobsiger says

"I have thoroughly tested the #Chromecast 3 on a perfect WiFi network and it sucks! Having a Roku 3 and a Firestick I thought having seen good reviews on the latest Chromecast I'd buy one from Google. What a massive disappointment it was and it's on it's way back. It was sluggish on both mobile (cellphone) and laptop. If you have ever had a wireless mouse when the battery is running low that would sum it up perfectly. As an IT expert, I'd suggest a major improvement was made to these devices. Not saying other devices are perfect. The #firestick can be cumbersome but it is at least multifunctional in comparison. The #Roku3 responds better than both by far. CastTheChromeCast I'd say"

Jennifer says

"Chromecast can't carry over the picture, unless it has the same internetconnection. Using a chromecast with a VPN just kills all the fun instantly. It's main function should be to mirror the same image that you are portaying, but it literally refuses. Basically, you'll get more function out of a goddamn HDMI cable than this."

Louise Kjøller says

"A Christmas with almost No tv is what my kids got since You havent answered my claim and i have a defect Chromecast. The operator was nice though."

Robyn Hughes says

"Sometimes Google does it does not work and I have to get on my work early and then it tells my computer to restart so google is ok but not where it should be."

Abbey says

"A good way to turn your tv into a smart tv however the adverts can get a little bothersome when searching for a film."

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